Style: Thought Provoking Pieces



One of my most beloved pieces, this old zebra print sweater that has found its way back into my outfit photos. Though taken back in July I still find the photos of this outfit to be relevant now. I imagine cycle shorts aren’t to everyones taste and there are time’s where i’m more into them and times not so much. But ultimately getting dressed should definitely have an element of fun and not always taking it so seriously. So, if cycle shorts & a zebra print sweater is the direction I want to go in, then why the hell shouldn’t I?! I think that even though these are both thought provoking pieces, there is a certain minimalists simplicity to be found in the undertone of the outfit, making the style recipe of this outfit maybe a little more relatable.

Wishing you a great week and sending you love and light,

Daniella x





(old) Balenciaga Sweater

(old) Cycle shorts

Topshop sandals


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