Tie-Dye, Florals & Making a Time For Quality Time








Here is a look I wore back in August. I’m wearing this Proenza Schouler tie-dye style shirt that was my favourite buy this year! I wore it my Marks & Spencer floral, ruffle skirt. I love combining high end pieces with high street favourites. Though this outfit is undoubtedly more summery then autumnal, I think both pieces are going to work equally well for this Fall season. The skirt which I recently wore with tanned boots is definitely going to be a great autumn staple. Where as the shirt may be a little more challenging but I know it will make an impactful statement once an outfit is achieved.


I actually wore this when me and Conan took our nephews as well Nova-rose out for the day. If there’s one thing I’ve found that I’ve struggled to keep up with since having Nova-Rose it’s being able to spend the quality time with my nephews in the same way that I always used to. It’s not been easy and I’m working on making sure that I still give them as much time as I can because we do have a very special relationship, me and my nephews, we are so much closer then most aunties and nephews/nieces that I know and I want that to remain for, well, forever. At the moment whilst Nova is still a baby it’s certainly harder but I know when she’s a little more independent, she’ll be able to join in with me and my nephews, making it easier to devote my time and attention equally.


It will all work out as is it’s supposed to in the end, that I have faith in.

Sending you love and light this Friday,

Daniella x





Provenza Schouler Tie-Dye Shirt

Marks & Spencer Floral Print Skirt – available in Navy HERE

Teva Sandals



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