The Kindness Of Strangers











These photos were taken during an afternoon spent at my grandparents home in August. It was a beautiful day and I always love their home and garden for taking photos, it’s such an idyllic setting. The summer seems to have been and almost gone so quickly, its crazy to think that gone are the days of soft blouses, shorts and sandals.


Moving on to the subject of the weekend just gone and on the Saturday we spent the day at Woolacombe beach for a family meet up. Amongst the group, there were some family members of whom I’d not seen in years, in fact I think I was a young teenager the last time I spent any time with them as well as some of their children who I don’t believe I had even ever met. It was the perfect day ( apart from my sister who wasn’t there due to a migraine attack) nothin felt awkward, they welcomed Conan and Nova-Rose with open arms and played with my nephews. It was a lovely day and we all created memories we’ll treasure forever. After our gathering, we said our goodbyes and we headed into the seaside town to get ourselves some fish and chips, where we proceeded to find a bench to enjoy them.



After that we got in the car and made our journey home. The entire journey I didn’t check my phone, I was busy reminiscing with Conan about the day we just had. We arrived safely home and what do I discover or what do I not discover…the presence of my phone and instantly I knew I had left it on the bench! This is the second time this year that I have left my phone on a bench and I swear this has only started to happen since having Nova-Rose, before my little angle, I can’t say I had ever misplaced my phone. Can any mums out there confirm whether this is brain in arse happens once we have a baby?


So thankfully Conan rang the Red Barn, a pub opposite to where the bench was and asked if someone who worked there wouldn’t mind walking across to see if it was still there and amazingly it was. They kindly took the phone and stored it safely. The next obstacle was retrieving it but thankfully once again good fortune was on my side and some of the family we met with that day were staying just minutes away and were traveling home the next day and so we arranged it so that they would pick the phone up and then meet Conan the next day on their way through.



So as you can imagine i’m amazed to say I have my phone back. Between the kindness of strangers, the reliability of family, the quick and intuitive thinking of Conan and the magic of divine intervention (yep I believe angels were involved somewhere if not all along the way) I had a team of good energy surrounding me, helping me during a time of absolute clumsiness.


Sending you love and light,

Daniella xx



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