A Colour Pallet Fit For Autumn




Not to say that these colours are restricted to Autumn but I do think they work well for the Fall and styling these colours together was like an early nod to the cooler season whilst it was still so warm. This is technically from my summer outfits but I think it’s fitting for the transition of summer to autumn, based on the colour pallet. This passing summer I seemed to acquire a lot of new shorts, a few of those I picked up in the sales. These were From Marks & Spencer and i’m trying to think of ways I could wear them going into the autumn, I guess I need more summer in order to wear some of the items I just feel I have not had enough time with. Its like, when you’re young and you make a friend/boyfriend/girlfriend during the summer holidays and then the summer comes to an end and they have to leave and you’re just not ready to say goodbye! Yep, thats like the relationship between me and my new shorts. This weekend we are heading to the beach for a family reunion, which I am excited about, seeing a lot of family members I haven’t seen in years. I’m half excited and half nervous about taking a 7 month baby on a two hour road trip to the beach, where I will probably spend most of the day trying to stop her from eating sand! Yay, mum life.



Sending you love and light and whatever your weekend plans are, I hope you enjoy every moment of them.

Daniella x






Ray Ban Sunglasses

& Other Stories Knitted Polo

Marks & Spencer Shorts

Mango Mules



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