Polka Dots & Talking Self Worth

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I do a lot of thinking about self worth, self love and self acceptance. It’s been and continues to be a big part of my journey with healing the emotional, mental and spiritual aspects of my wellbeing. Do you ever hear it in yourself or from someone else applauding someone So rigorously for efforts that they’re simply supposed to do?! Or for example maybe your friend (and for simplicity’s sake you’re friend is woman talking about her boyfriend) who’s talking about her partner and is saying how wonderful he is because he doesn’t cheat and he treats her with respect and kindness and for that she worships the ground he walks on. Whilst she should show her happiness and her gratitude for finding someone who treats her well, I also think, we shouldn’t overly applaud someone just for doing the right thing and for being a decent human being.


I believe that we need to recognise our self worth and know that we deserve to be happy, we deserve to be treated well and that anything less is simply a deal breaker. I really do feel that everyone needs to embrace the mentality, “the attitude of gratitude” but to also find balance in not overly thanking someone for doing the right thing. No one should have to be lucky to be treated right, we as human beings should treat one another with kindness, respect and understanding not for the accolades but because it’s the right thing to do. I’m not suggesting we must always be perfect because of course we are human and we make mistakes but it’s how you handle your mistakes in the aftermath that determines your character.


Be grateful for all the good in your life yes, absolutely but love yourself enough to know that you are worthy of that good. Then when you are comfortable with receiving love, kindness and happiness then you will find That it comes more naturally in extending that same love and kindness to another. The ripple effect is a beautiful and positive thing to be a part of.

Today I’m wearing this simple polka dots dress that I bought from Marks & Spencer back in the summer. It was perfect for a warm summers day during August.

Sending you love and light,

Daniella x








Marks & spencer Polka Dot Dress

Trademark Bag

Mango Mules


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