Capturing Perfect Moments Nova-Rose

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Before the summer is properly over, lets go back to this beautiful time which took place on the last day of June. Nova-Rose was just coming up five moths old and I was about to turn thirty. The day was pretty close to perfect and me and my baby girl’s outfits were in sync and well if this wasn’t a lovely photo opportunity, then I don’t know what is. Its weird how even though this was just a couple of months ago, the difference in Nova-Rose is incredible. Seeing your baby grow as rapidly as they do is a bittersweetness that no one can quite prepare you for.


It’s so heartwarming to see their development and each chapter brings new memories, experiences for them and for you but its kind of sad when you realise that certain phases are over and that you’ll never get them back. I find it sends my head into a bit of spin but what it does teach me is to not take any moment for granted. When the days go quickly because being a mum to a baby is so time consuming and the day is over before it feels like its even began and so being present is sometimes easier said then done but by simply being conscious of the fact, does help.


Sending you love and light this beautiful Friday.

Daniella x





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