Styling Summer Whites & Talking Tanning

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I hope old everyone had s lovely weekend. I’m starting off the week with this look, I love an all white combo and for this outfit, I added in some black elements, the shoes and sunglasses and then also my suede tanned, slouchy bag. These photos were taken back in July and I love seeing my tan here, it proves we had some form of summer heat this year. Though I love the feeling of having a tan, whether it be fake or real (though obviously prefer the look of a real tan) I am learning to love my natural skin colour after years of not always being on board with having relatively pale skin. It stems from when I first became unwell at the young age of eleven and I was deathly looking because I was so incredibly ill and because I didn’t have proper sunlight for a few years and after that I was always self conscious from there on out.


Then I discovered fake tan and that really helped me to feel more confident and comfortable, yes it may have been fake but it helped me and even now, like when I get my hair done, or my nails gelled a fake tan gives me a lift. That said and like I mentioned earlier I am learning to be more confident in having lighter skin and when I see influencers such as Reese Blutstein and Molly Blutstein, I find it refreshingly confidence boosting amongst an instagram world of where Kim K bronzed beauties seem to be everywhere. No matter what colour our skin is, whether it be light, medium, dark and everything in between, I guess we should do what we can to love and be confident in it because it’s what makes us the beautiful individuals that we are and as mum to a baby girl who will one day grow to be woman, it’s important for me to do my best to present her with a mum who embodies an attitude that is positive and excepting of who she is inside and out. It’s about trying to be the example I want to set.


Sending you love love and light for the week ahead,

Daniella x







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