You Don’t Have To Be Loud In Order To Be Heard



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All of sudden it feels like Autumn is very almost here and yet I still have a million summer outfits to share with you! I’ll figure it out. After my post the other day strong words, quite voice it got me thinking about how for a long time I grew up thinking you need to be loud in order to be heard and that was always difficult for me because I’ve never really been like that. In general I’m more introverted and though I wouldn’t say i’m more extroverted now, I would say more I’m more confident compared to when I was growing up and the early part of my adulthood, where I was way more unsure of myself.


In recent years I feel quite certain that standing up for yourself or any injustice that one feels passionate about or maybe just stating a point of view doesn’t always have to be shouted from the rooftops, if you’re not a “ look at me, listen to me now” kind of person that doesn’t mean that you don’t have the right to be heard.  You can standup for what you believe in, in a way that is gentle and calm if that’s who you are. It doesn’t always have to be confrontational or aggressive if that’s not what resonates with you.  Quite often it’s a the quieter ones that are able to sit back and evaluate a situation with better judgment and understanding. As long as you speak truthfully and with integrity, then there is no need to shout. Speaking with quiet confidence can be just as powerful. I’ve learnt with some people who are overtly loud are often so intent on being heard that the they become preoccupied with wanting to hear the sound of their own voice so much so that they miss the point completely.


Ultimately the world needs people who shout and the world needs people who have a quiet but a nevertheless impactful voice.


Despite all that I have just stated the biggest lesson I am learning has little to do with voice and has more to do with action. People can talk and talk all day long but nothing makes a bigger statement then actually walking the walk. Let our actions the actions of other be the indicator because for me, that speaks louder then any words ever could. Be the person you say you are, be the change you want to see and that will give more credit to ones character then any amount of words said loudly or quietly ever will.


I hope you have enjoy today’s post.

sending you love and light,

Daniella x






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