My Modern Take On Classic “Ladylike” Style

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Todays look is my modern/minimal take on classic “ladylike” style. AS much as my personal style often leans in the direction of androgyny, I do actually consider myself rather feminine and sometimes I like my style to reflect that but in way that is fitting and relatable to my taste. My outfit today met both my desire to feel and look feminine whilst also remaining comfortable, which is undoubtedly an important element of my day to day style, or at least the majority of the time it is. This soft knitted skirt that I bought back in the spring (last worn HERE) is so effortless to wear and teamed with a white a-line shirt, which instead of tucking in, I decided to leave it untucked as this felt a little more unpredictable as well as feeling more freeing, sartorially speaking. When it came to accessorising, I loved how the handle of my bag matched up with tanned brown mules, which also complimented the dusty pink hue of the skirt. When I look back at this outfit, I remember how great I felt wearing it, it was simple but effective and I would definitely be inspired to use this style formula again in the future, maybe in the autumn with the addition of an oversized knit, what do you think?!


Sending you love and light for the rest of the week, crazy to think in two days it will be Friday already!

Best wishes,

Daniella x









(old) COS Shirt

Marks & Spencer Skirt

Trademark Bag

Mango Mules


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