Last Weeks Of Summer

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Last post of the week and today we begin our last proper long weekend. We won’t have another bank holiday weekend now until Christmas, I believe and we are making the most of it by starting today. Bringing out this red floral favourite of mine for today’s outfit post and though layering it over a white tee is no new way of wearing this dress, the addition of the sandals and bucket hat are. New shoes/accessories are a great way to update older pieces and seeing as though I’ve worn these sandals with just about everything else this summer, I thought, why stop now?! Though I’m still enjoying the last few weeks of summer, I am mentally starting to think about how my autumn wardrobe is going to look and my fall wish list has admittedly already formed with new additions continually being added every time I check the “new in” page of every site I visit…. We all love to chase the new, well, a lot of us do anyway.


As much as I enjoy new pieces that I acquire, I am just as guilty as the next person for then beginning the I want process all over again and I’m aware I need to take more time to appreciate what I have already. But then there is a strong part of me that thinks and feels that sometimes it’s okay to be excited about coveting something I’m yet to make mine because excitement is a form of happiness and isn’t a big part of life about being as happy as we can possibly be?! I don’t t know maybe I’m just trying to justify my feels of enjoying the chase of the next piece of clothing. Either way finding new additions for my wardrobe is always fun.


Wishing you you a wonderful weekend.

Sending you lots of love and light,

Daniella x


 My Outfit:

Warehouse Bucket Hat

(old) Topshop floral print dress – love this HERE

Neva Sandals – similar HERE


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