Baby Talk: The Organic Milk Formula We Recommend

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I remember when I was pregnant with Nova-Rose and I was in a flutter over how I was going to feed her. I didn’t know if I was going to breast feed or not and if not what milk would I want to feed her?! Being someone who’s relatively health conscious when it comes to what I choose to consume, I felt an overwhelming amount of responsibility to make sure I did my research on finding a good formula for our little one. I don’t think animal products are good for us to consume but I was struggling on finding anything that was without cows milk. So I then turned my attention to searching out “good” cows milk formula and hopefully an organic one. That’s when I discovered Holle! I knew that it was going to be trial and error and there could be a strong possibility that she may not like it and we would have to try other formulas. But thankfully she did like it and took to it really well. I did breastfeed for a month but I’m glad I had this to fall back on after I was no longer able to produce the amount she was needing.


Holle is one of the more expensive formulas I will say and for us we couldn’t find it available in any actual stores and so we would order it online and because it wasn’t available in any shops we had to always be certain that we would have it stocked in our cupboards. We are just about to move onto the follow on milk by Holle as she is now almost onto meals. Holle also sell porridge which I’ve been feeding her for the last week, she’s not so keen but I think this is just her needing to get used to different textures. I only wanted to share this post in case there are any mums out there in need of formula suggestions because for us this has been a great formula for Nova-Rose and if it works for your budget and you’re able to make sure that you can keep it stocked up in your cupboard, then I really do recommend trying it.


Sending you love and light,

Daniella x

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