The Case For The Sexy Slip Dresses & Ugly Sandals

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I sometime wonder if I’ll ever tire of slip dresses. I have been in love with them before they were on trend and I would dedicate my life to trying to find them, whether that be through vintage stores and lingerie departments because that was as close as I could get to finding them. And now since they been on trend the last few seasons, I did worry for a brief moment that I may start to get bored of them considering they are so many available in basically all the shops now and not to mention how pretty much every big time influencer has been seen wearing them, again and again.


But no I’m still in love with them and for me they will always be one of my wardrobe staples, all hail modern classics! I’ve updated mine by styling it with a pastel blazer and my Teva sandals which have been tiring together my looks all summer. I have been a fan of the “ugly” sandal since 2013 and I bought home a pair of Birkenstock’s for the first time and though I’m still a birk enthusiast, I’ll admit I’ve enjoyed cheating on them with my much adored Teva’s! Well, I don’t know if I’m getting yet another cold or if I’ve randomly started getting allergies, either way my face feels like it’s going to fall off, so I’m going to call it a day.


Sending you love and light wherever you are, whatever you are doing.

Daniella x

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