From Paris With Love

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The second look of styling this Paris tee (see the first outfit here). Today this Paris t-shirt has me reminiscing about our time in Paris and of course when we took our a trip up the Eiffel Tower. Like any tourist cliche, of course the whole is experience is like a conveyor belt filled with humans who are all equally annoyed because everyone is fed up from queuing! But that said it’s always pretty awesome to look back and know you’ve stood on something that is a quintessential part of Parisian history, even if it appears that the Parisian’s don’t seem to be fond of the Eiffel Tower….awkward! Though there were some things I really disliked about Paris but there were so many things that I loved and both Conan and I always look back on our trips there with fondness. Going during fashion week was always perfect too, because I could be a part of Paris Fashion week which is considered one of the best fashion weeks to attend and then when we weren’t doing that we could wonder and really get to see Paris. Though I could never live in a city, I do love and enjoy city breaks, they always feed me with a bountiful amount of inspiration and in many different ways. I do hope to get back to Paris and soon because sometimes I’m inpatient. I still have some things that I would love to see and experience there and I would adore to take Nova-Rose with us, I want to expose her to as much traveling as I possibly can.


Sending you love and light,

Daniella x







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