Mixing Then With Now


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I’ve owned both this lime blouse and these floral trousers for years now and yet I’ve never styled the two items together. It’s funny how it never occurred to me to team them for an outfit but it just goes to show how buying well and not throwing things out the minute we become bored of them can result in combinations that feel stylishly modern. See there are some pieces that I buy and wear year after year but then there are other items that I buy, wear for a couple of years and then put away for another couple of years and then finally feel inspired to bring them out again and find numerous outfits, I never thought of before.


Things always have a way of coming back round, I find. This was a shirt I bought back in 2010/11 not too sure, it was neon was having a very “hot” moment in fashion but then I guess I grew s little tired of it, bringing it out every so often but not really feeling that motivated in styling it. Fast forward to this present season and I have really enjoyed styling this shirt once again. I think it helps when I have newer pieces to style with it, like these Teva sandals. They bring a fresher, on trend element to the older items. I like mixing up the then with the now, it’s a big part of what defines my personal style and I expect if you admire anyone with true personal style rather then too trend driven, you’ll find they mix a lot of old with new.



Anyway way I hope you like my current way of styling these older pieces. Sending you love and light for the week ahead,




Daniella x






(old) DVF Shirt – virtually the same HERE

(old) Floral Print Trousers

Teva Sandals – similar HERE


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