On Learning That It’s Okay To Not Be Liked By Everyone

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I’ve been thinking about how in certain situations or around some people I can end up feeling insecure about myself. I’ve had confidence issues for a long time and I’ve been aware of that and so in turn I have been working on self acceptance and self love and now I’m thirty, I do feel all of my internal work is starting to pay off. But like I said there are still some occasions in where I find I start to second guess myself, things I have said in conversation, am I too much of this, not enough of that and it throws me sideways a little. That being said, as I mentioned earlier, the self acceptance work I’ve been doing has definitely helped and allowed me to recognise when I feel like this and who makes me feel like this and try to respond in a way that’s more productive to my wellbeing instead of going overboard on the self analysation in where I search out everything that I think is wrong with me.


I’m learning that sometimes it’s not always about me and a way someone responds to me can be more of a reflection on their insecurities. Or maybe they’re going through something internally and so they give of a vibe, which if you’re someone who struggles with insecurities or confidence issues also, then you automatically tend to take it personally when really there is no need to. Instead of thinking it’s a me thing, I’ve learnt over the years that not everyone in this world will gel with one another but that’s okay. We don’t have to hate the ones we don’t hit it off with, we can simply accept they’re aren’t our kind of person, let them be them and let you be you. I read this quote earlier “ You will be too much for some people, Those aren’t your people” and when I think about it, it really is that simple. Nothing more, nothing less. The people I’m too much for, bye and the people I’m enough for, then thank you accepting me in the same way I’m learning to accept myself.


My look today was my casual take on smarter classics. Teaming comfortable sneakers with city shorts. A basic tee met with a structural tote bag and a cosy knit because it was verging on being chilly that day and this is the chic way to bring along your favourite beige sweater.


Sending you love and light for the weekend ahead,

Daniella x







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