Summer Is To Me

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Summer to me is late evenings, it’s the boys running around, up and down the path of slabs, the dogs chasing them with the same enthusiastic energy. Its me and you, your car our favourite songs, driving down the road that we love because during the summer it showcases a beautiful sunset, almost as though someone has painted it. Sometimes it shades of candy floss pink, sometimes the most potent shade of orange, either way it takes my breath away evertime. Summer is living out the ideas that I have played out in my head since February. Summer to me is feeling the innocence sense of joy every time I see a delicate butterfly gracefully flapping its wings. Summer is the scent of lavender, honeysuckle and roses. Summer is going on adventures, trying new things, making memories with my favourite people and soaking up the magic feeling of warmth hitting my bare skin at 7:00 in the evening. Summer is the feeling of my bare feet hitting the warm patio slabs and walking through our spiky grass. Summer is the gentle rustling of the trees and the bird calls in the early hours of the morning. Summer is rose tinted sunglasses even when you’re not wearing any. Let’s enjoy every moment of this glorious glimpse in time that we call the summer.

I hope you’re having a truly wonderful summer! Sending you love and light,

Daniella x





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