Sweet Dreams Little One: Nursery Decor Wishlist

Blank 7 x 5 in-7.jpg


I’m currently in the process of creating Nova-Rose’s sleeping area, I say sleeping area because as of right now she doesn’t have her own room. We have 2 bedrooms and one of them is kinda and I say this somewhat shamefully, is my wardrobe! We are planing on eventually of developing the loft space but we are just going to put that in the procrastination pot for a little bit and in the mean time we will continue to keep the little one in our room. But this doesn’t mean that I can’t make Nova’s cot area her own.


We have the cot, we bought this simplistic white one from Maison Du Monde and now I just need the bedding, I have the bumper and sheets ordered, though I have just been told that the bumper is out of stock, so I have re-order that. I continue to love almost everything by Numero 74 and I have to stop myself from becoming Rachel in that episode of friends where she’s obsessed with Pottery Barn! I’ve been lusting after the bad canopy since before she was born and so I’m determined to finally get it ordered by the end of this month.


Anyway I hope you’ve enjoyed this post. Sending you love and light,

Daniella x




Numero 74 Bed Canopy – HERE

Maison Du Monde Cot – HERE

The White Company Rug – HERE

Cam Cam Dandelion Blanket – HERE

Numero 74 Bed Bumper (ice Blue) – HERE

Numero 74 Cushion & heart Cushion – HERE

The White Company Pyjamas – HERE




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