To Produce Kindness, We Have To Give Kindness

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If you been viewing my looks for a while, you’ll know that I’m a fan of a white on white outfit, regardless to what time of the year it is. The ecru coloured cargo trousers bought a fresh and a more “on trend” approach to styling an all white summer look. And the darkened background was such a cool location for this outfit, I think it really sets off the look. The crisp white against the burnt wood, is a striking contrast that for me is very visually pleasing.


Today i wanted to touch on something that has been bothering me lately and that’s the way so many adults/parents talk to kids. I see it so many times, parents talking to their kids like…well, to put it bluntly, like shit! I so often think, you wouldn’t talk to another adult like that, so why do so many think it’s perfectly acceptable to talk that way to a child?! I knows it sounds like I’m being judgemental and maybe I am, maybe I’m being ignorant or maybe it’s because I’m an empath and so I can be particularly sensitive to these situations. I have taken into consideration that there will be exceptions and we can all run low on patience from time to time and I know we are all guilty of reacting badly when this happens.


The situations I’m talking about are not necessarily when a child is testing their parent, I’m meaning just the general way some communicate with their kids is just uncomfortable to see. I’m aware if I don’t like what I’m seeing or hearing then I could simply not look but there are occasions when I’m out and about and it literally can’t be ignored. How are we supposed to raise kind, compassionate and respectful adults, when these soon to be adults are being treated with disrespect and unkindness.


I do apologise if today’s post comes across negative, I don’t mean for it to come read that way, I just simply wanted to put out a reminder that to raise our kids to be kind adults, we have to show kindness to our kids.


Sending you love and light for the week ahead,

Daniella x



Weekday Sunglasses

Weekday Tank Top

(old) M&S shirt

Pull & Bear Cargo Trousers

Teva Sandals


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