Weeds Are Flowers Too


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Though these photos were taken a little while back now, I still love the grungy vibe of the outfit amongst the bare brick wall that’s surrounded wth overgrown weeds/flowers. On a hot summer’s day, this sheer turtleneck isn’t exactly a sensible option but like mentioned, these images were shot early summer when it hadn’t quite warmed up. I’m so used to styling these boots in way that they are completely on show but I have been enjoying styling them under my jeans/trousers recently (last seen HERE). For a while now, I often wonder why people always kill off weeds?! I think they can be just a beautiful as any other flower or plant and I do believe they must have a purpose to something, even if we are yet to understand this purpose. I don’t know maybe I’m just not up scratch on my weed knowledge. But of now, i’m a lover not a hater of weeds.

I hope you like todays style post.

Sending you love and light now and always,

Daniella x




Quote By A.A. Milne

“Weeds Are Flowers Too,

Once You Get To Know Them.”




Weekday Sunglasses

(old) Acne Studios Top

(old) RAEY Jeans

Dr. Martens Boots


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