Staying Active, The Gentle Exercise That Suits My Lifestyle

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These photos weren’t really planned, it was kind of an impromptu photoshoot, when we had taken an evening walk and ended up at our towns park where it happened to be very quiet, which almost never happens there and so I decided to take full advantage. Because I have suffered with M E for almost all of my life, I find it hard when it comes to exercise or working out of any kind, which admittedly hasn’t always been an easy pill to swallow, as before I became unwell with the M E I was an incredibly sporty, active kid. I loved sports and especially with my natural competitive nature. Though I don’t think I would be a gym goer even if my health was up to it, I would definitely be interested in doing different sporty activities.


But I have found something that does sometimes work for my lifestyle and that’s walking. People underestimate the power in a calm and gentle walk. I have found it to be highly beneficial to not only my physical health but also my mental health too. I think it’s important for everyone to try and be as active as their lifestyle allows them and especially now, as a mum, I find it even more necessary, to keep my mind and body as healthy as I can get it. Though any parents out there will probably agree, that being a parent and running a home is active enough and yes, there are definitely days where it feels like that. I don’t always have the energy to go for a walk but when I do, I find it so relaxing and not stressful on the body like some physical activities can be, even if it’s a walk to the local shop every other day, i’m content with that because once upon a time I couldn’t walk at all and so I use that memory to keep me grounded and grateful and especially so when my ego feels tempted to start comparing myself to others. I’ve found something that works for me and my situation and i’m glad to have that.


I wish you a happy and healthy week.

Sending you love and light,

Daniella x






(old) Sweater

(old) Topshop Dress

(old) Basket Bag

Superga Shoes


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