What Turning 30 Means To Me

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On July 1st I turned 30! I feel as though I haven’t touched upon this whatsoever here on the blog and today I just wanted to take a second to write about what this means to me. Firstly I don’t really look at numbers in terms of age, though this year I did use the numbers to celebrate a little more than usual. Anyway what I mean, it’s not about the numbers or age for me it’s more about how I feel in this moment and how I’ve felt over the last few years and I guess the numbers is just a handy way of documenting those moments of feels.


On reflection my teenage years felt like my time to mess up, make mistakes, learn from them and know where I draw the lines in certain situations. It was a time of not really knowing who I was but wanting to find out. Don’t get me wrong we always make mistakes and learn throughout our existence but my teenage years particularly felt strong In that. My twenties felt like I was really discovering who I am, what I stood for, finding my voice and learning to trust my intuition even when It doesn’t make sense.


Moving forward into my thirties and though I can’t predict what these next ten years will bring, what I can say is that I do feel like these years are going to be a time of truly feeling confident and content in who I am, confident in what I want to create, confident in my decisions and trusting in feeling what I feel. I hope to spend less time worrying about what others may think of my opinions and choices and instead be more focused on whether i’m happy with my choices and views. Its like taking what I’ve learnt about myself in my twenties and using it to better my life through my thirties. Or at least that’s what I intend on doing.


I wore todays look to celebrate my birthday with my love at one of my favourite restaurants in town. I love how simplistic this outfit is, the high waisted trousers, so elegant and fluid teamed with the very basic white tank top is a combination that is as understated as it is impactful. I felt good wearing this and I will definitely be taking this style concept into my future outfits.


Sending you love and light this Friday, may your weekend be fun and memorable. Daniella x




Topshop Earrings

Weekday Tank top

Iris & Ink Trousers

Trademark Bag

Mango Mules


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