Home Details: Sara Miller Candle



I bought this beautifully scented Sara Miller candle at one of my local go-to shops a while back. It’s fig, vanilla and cacao is a harmonious blend that’s smells both delicate and delicious. Though I would prefer if the soy wax was organic soy, it’s still arguably better then paraffin. I’m also such a sucker for beautiful packaging and these Sara Miller candles don’t let me down. That’s why they make for a stunning gift idea. A candle like this can be both affordable for gift buyer yet impactful for the receiver. If you’re buying it for yourself like I did, I fully intend on keeping this jar once I’ve finished burning it, whether for a small bunch of flowers or telight candles this beautifully decorative jar makes for small but striking touch to the home long after its original purpose.


Sending you love and light,









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