My Outfit Mess Up & Why I Still Chose To Post It

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So here is the result of my outfit photos gone wrong! Funnily enough it was most certainly not my intention to style this elephant print, vintage vest half tucked into my jeans. I’m into trying new things style wise but this was a not so happy accident that I don’t intend on repeating. This look happened because I’m guessing I was tucking my shirt in to my jeans, and whilst doing this, I somehow tucked my vest in also, how I didn’t notice or feel it myself is beyond me.


But why worry about these things when I’ve got my boyfriend taking the photos, because surely I can rely on him to point these mishaps out to me and save me taking 200+ photos of an outfit gone wrong?! Well, it appears I would be incorrect with that assumption because to him, he thought that this, was “the look” I was going for! He says he never knows with me. I said to him that if anything I’m wearing looks weird to him then just say because I won’t be offended but I will be pissed if I end up with an entire outfit shoot gone to shit because of something as stupid as my waistcoat tucked into my jeans…… NOT THE LOOK! Bless him, I’m sure he just didn’t want to offend me, that, or I pissed him off that day and he wanted to seek revenge ☺️


Why did I still choose to post the look? Because it seemed like such waste otherwise and I still love this outfit and well, I’m sure you get the idea of how it was supposed to look, at least I hope! Also, I like how this shows reality, sometimes shit happens and you can either fight it or go with it and this time I decided to go with it.


Sending you love and light for for this week ahead, remember it’s mercury retrograde until July 31st, Here is my Crystal recommendation for helping you through this challenging and introspective time.


Daniella x



Vintage Waistcoat

(old) Reiss Blouse

(old) Raey Jeans

Trademark Bag

(old) Stella McCartney Sandals



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