Why I Liked A Post On Insta I Didn’t Agree With

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The other day I found myself on Instagram liking something I didn’t really agree with. It wasn’t really about the image they posted but more the message that they were conveying. Well, it wasn’t even so much a message, more like a personal opinion on a situation I have little personal experience with. I asked myself afterwards why did I “like” something that I didn’t agree with. I considered retracting my like but I like and support the person whose Instagram it was and so I didn’t really want to do that. Anyway I realised after that the reason was that just because I didn’t necessarily agree with what they were saying doesn’t mean that I don’t support their right to say it. Freedom of speech or freedom of thought is something I am a big advocate for. We all have a right to speak our truth. What we must remember is that someone’s truth isn’t always the truth even if it is to them. It’s just their perception, their views and yes, their right to speak it. We must continue to live in a world where we encourage the next generation to be considerate of the feelings of others but ultimately feel free to speak their minds.


I wasn’t offended by what they said because I’m aware that wasn’t the agenda, it was simply an expression of what that person was thinking and feeling. Sometimes I wonder if people respond with saying that they are offended when really they just disagree with what they’ve heard or read. Anyway these are my thoughts for today’s post.


Today’s outfit was my compromise to the chilly weather and the desire to fulfil my sartorial desire. I wanted to wear my slip skirt and sandals but it was on the colder side that day, so I opted for a warm cashmere v-neck to bring balance.


I hope you’ve enjoyed today’s post.

Sending you love and light, Daniella x






Le Specs Sunglasses

(old) Marks & Spencer Knit

Topshop Slip Skirt

Topshop Sandals



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