June Style But Not As We Know It

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Happy Monday Lovelies!

So apparently we are in a never ending cold spurt, it can barely be considered a warm spring out there right now and here we are not far of July. I’m really hoping in will not be too much longer until things start to heat up. My birthday is July 1st and it would be just swell if the cold weather would piss off for a while and the warm weather have a go! Sorry I don’t like to be so typically British, complaining about the weather and all but also i’m British and banging on about how shit the weather is, is what we do best and so I can’t go letting the team down.


This spring i’ve loved wearing my Dr Martens under my jeans/trousers for a change. So often I wear them with skirts, cropped jeans or with them tucked into my boots but it’s nice to switch things up and give these classics a style update, feels more fresh and discreet yet impactful.


Today I have to return something I bought Conan for Fathers Day as it ended up not being what I though it was. Yeah, exciting plans for Monday, calm down I hear you say, nope this train of exciting activities isn’t slowing for no-one. Anyway, I really despise having to return things that i’ve bought online and as bad as it sounds, I am so tempted to always just keep it and not bother with the hassle of sending it back. I know that’s terribly lazy but it’s just such an annoying and lengthly process. But I know I just have to stop winging and get on with it. That’s why i’m getting done today, so I can blooming well  forget about it safe in the knowledge that it’s been done.

Well, my lovelies, wishing you a wonderful week ahead. May last night’s full Moon have bought you the refreshing and renewing energy of abundance that we could all do with right now.


Love and light,

Daniella x











(old) Urban Outfitters Sunglasses – similar HERE

Marks & Spencer Coat

(old) Asos Jumper – love this HERE & HERE

(old) Levi Jeans – similar HERE

Dr Martens Boots – HERE

Trademark Bag – similar HERE & HERE


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