Rebellion Of The Stereotypical Sexy








 Most of the looks I post on the blog are usually worn in the day, I don’t post many evening looks because I honestly don’t go out in the evening all that much. Today’s look was worn a little while ago for an evening meal. Everyone’s perception of what makes them feel “sexy” is different and whilst putting on a short skirt or a fitted dress and heels can have the desired effect to feel sexy, I must also say that for long time now, i’ve somewhat rebelled from this stereotypical, form of sartorial sexiness.


I believe it’s because my father (bless his heart) was/is someone who unfortunately openly conveyed his idea of sexy as being a mini skirt and high heels. Not the best move as a father of two girls. For a long time I believed that this was what being sexy was all about. But then I realised that, that’s too much pressure to put on oneself and I started to look at things from a new perspective and came to feel that sexy is feeling confident in whatever we wear. Feeling sexy can be in loose fitting jeans, hair in a messy bun with a smile on your face, as personally I believe that ultimately the core of feeling sexy comes from loving and accepting who we are and then sartorial aspects are the extras, the enhancers if you will.


Sometimes my mind reverts and I get insecure and I start to think I need to be wearing a certain outfit to look and feel sexy but i’m learning to recognise when this happens so I can stop it in it’s tracks. Today’s look was an outfit I felt really confident in wearing. Teaming a low cut, silky top with a pair of baggy jeans for that hi-low effect was a simple approach but nevertheless resulted in an outfit that I felt confident and attractive wearing.


I hope you have a good Friday and a lovely weekend,

Daniella xx




(old) Black Top

Topshop Earrings

Vintage Levis Jeans

(old) Marks & spencer Shoes


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