Why I’m Choosing Kindness Over Rejection

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Don’t ever let someone’s perception of a situation make you question your sincerity. When you act from a place of kindness and the person on the receiving end of your kindness try’s to twist it into something negative or insinuates that there was an insincere motive behind it, please remember that just because someone imposes their warped view of the situation upon you , doesn’t necessarily make it true. Stand your ground in the comfort of your truth.


Recently I gave someone who, for years I’ve been estranged from, a birthday card and with good intentions because I found out that even though we weren’t on talking terms (for my own emotional well-being and protection)  that they were sad because I never sent them birthday cards. So even though in recent months we had kinda patched things up, admittedly we still had a strained relationship but yet I felt that giving them a birthday card was ultimately the right thing to do. I didn’t give it to them personally because I wasn’t comfortable with that but I made sure they received it, which from my perspective was what mattered. They have since said that they were insulted because I didn’t take it round myself and basically told me not to bother again.


Though I knew there was always a possibility of this person finding a negative in me giving them a card due to the mental health issues they suffer with but because I had hope and faith that they would receive it with the goodness it was given with, I overcame my doubts and decided to let kindness win instead of the fear of rejection. Unfortunately they did look for the negative and in doing so they have tried to bring my motive and character into question but I know in my heart there was no ill intent.


Sometimes I wonder if this person is either frightened of having love or feels unworthy of receiving love and kindness and so they look for ways to push it away. I have learned not to take things like this too personally because more times then not, they are just projecting their deep rooted hurt onto those around them. Of course it’s upsetting but I know that this is a reflection on their character not mine and it took me a long time to understand that but I’m aware of it now and that helps me to not be some effected by the opinions of others.


I just had get this of my of my chest and hope to reach anyone who can relate. Anyway onwards and upwards and sending you all love and light for this new week,

Daniella x







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