Friday’s Feelings Learning Compasion and Patience

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Mixing my faux leather with my real leather in todays outfit post. I’ve owned this black leather top for years now and I love it, it’s  just very fitted and well, I’m creature who more times then not chooses comfort and fitted leather top doesn’t exactly fit that brief.


I don’t consider myself to suffer with depression I sometimes deal with anxiety and I’m definitely an emotional being and I can easily pick up on energy which can at times affect my mood. Mostly I just have the odd down days like anyone really and what I find is that it’s always best to just go with the energy of the day. If there is a positive to be found in the low moments, its that the bad days make the good days feel great. Like they say, there’s no flowers without the rain and so sometimes we need the bad days to really emphasise the good. I don’t know, that’s just my thoughts on the matter.


We must also remember to have compassion with ourselves during the days we aren’t quite feeling our “normal” selves.  Not only must we practice compassion and patience for ourselves but towards others too. I know for me, I can sometimes want everything and everyone to be perfect and if I’m in a good mood, I can at times expect that of my nearest and dearest too and I know that’s not really fair. I’m learning to try and be more patient and understanding when people are having a bad day. I want to be the person who helps lift them out of their slump, not add to it.


Sending you love and light, may your weekend be beautiful one, Daniella x






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