The Beauty & Symbolism Of Wisteria



I love so many things about nature and for many different reasons. I adore many different tress and flowers but one of my absolute favourites is wisteria! I know I am long way away from being alone this, wisteria is a hugely popular tree/flower and it is not hard to see and understand why. It’s fragrance can be intoxicating, it’s honestly one of my favourite scents, delicate yet powerful. It is magical on the eyes with its almost ombré like effect in delightful hues of lilac/purple. The way it climbs and droops is kinda both dramatic and effortless.


From what I’ve read wisteria is said to live for years and years possibly even a hundred. I live in a renavated hospital building and at the entrance there is is wisteria that grows around the doors and I know the building was built over one hundred years ago and though I don’t know when the wisteria was planted, it looks really quite old and so I can definitely belive in its longevity. I’m a little frustrated that this year it hasn’t bloomed as well as it usually does but I still have an appreciation for its beauty and perseverance.


Today I’m sharing some images I found on Pinterest. Below I will list some of its symbolism;


  • Long life, Longevity, Immortality
  • Love
  • Endurance
  • Devotion
  • New  Beginnings
  • Coming Together, Marriage


Sending you love and Light,

Daniella x



Photos Via Pinterest – Here


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