Why We Should Embrace Our Weird & Wonderful Ways

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You are not just what they say you are.

You are not just your job title.

You are not just your past.

You are not just your mistakes, as you are not just your accomplishments.

You are not just the illness you suffer with.

You are not just the anxiety.

You are not just the self doubting thoughts that hijack your mind.

You are not just your Instagram followers, you are not just your number of likes.


You are not just these things individually but all of them as a collective and more. Don’t let one thing define you, embrace every aspect of yourself and love and cherish them because it is what makes you, you.


I wish to see a future where we don’t ask strangers “so, what do you do?” as the standard question. Like an occupation is the be all and end all. I wish (including myself) to have the confidence to ask “who are you” “what do you enjoy doing” as this tells us so much more about an individual.

I am a twenty nine year old women. I am a mother, daughter, sister to one, an aunt to four, a girlfriend and I am me. I have lived with Epstein for the majority of my life. I belive in just about everything I can’t see but can be sceptical about science and “facts”. I love to daydream, watch tv, talk to trees. I love clothes and creating outfits, my life is one big game of playing dress up. I enjoy photography, singing to myself at every given moment. I love Dancing, I physically find it hard to stop my body from moving if a song of any kind comes on in hearing distance.


I am walking contradiction of confidence and insecurity. I get anxiety when I know I have to answer the phone or respond to someone’s message, it can be mentally crippling. I’m an empath and I occasionally have visions. I have taste for the finer things in life, maybe that makes me a snob or materialistic and if so I’ll own that. I can’t deny what I enjoy. I love my own company and I believe I actually need to spend time on my own. But equally nothing makes me happier than being with my nearest and dearest. I’m a peaceful person but do anything to my loved ones and watch me get arrested for murder (joking…..kinda). I could go on and on because we are all made up of so many weird and wonderful things. I just want that to be celebrated more.


Anyway wishing you a wonderful weekend, sending you love and light,

Daniella x








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