Styled: Vintage & Flared

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Happy Monday lovelies, hope you all had a lovely weekend!

We finally had s bit of sun this weekend, though it was still on the chilly side, it was still nice to have the sunny weather. Today’s look was definitely inspired by retro style, featuring my pink cords and vintage shirt/jacket. I don’t have many vintage pieces, just a handful I suppose, mostly because we don’t really have many vintage shops around and I know there are endless amount of vintage online shops but I struggle to figure out the sizing if I’m honest. Plus and I know this might sound loopy to some but I’m very sensitive to energies, I pick up on energy easily and so I sometimes become concerned about picking up on the energy from the previous owner. Fellow empath’s may be able to relate to this trail of thought. So yeah but I do love finding vintage treasures. This vintage shirt, is great because I believe there is always a place for utilitarian style regardless to whether it’s on trend or not.

I’m keeping it short today but I hope you like today’s look. Sending  love and light to you beautiful souls,

Daniella x



(old) Urban Outfitter Sunglasses

Vintage Shirt

(old) Mango Corduroy Trousers

Mango Shoes



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