My Truth About Forgivness




I am going to be completely honest with you now, I am someone who can hold a grudge, I used to think it was sign of weakness to forgive people who I had felt wronged by, that somehow it made me stronger staying mad and that I was punishing them if I continued to hold on to the grudge. In recent years I have definitely changed my mind on this subject, it has admittedly been a process but one I believe I am benefiting from. I have come to learn that holding on to anger, resentment and hurt is an ego based reaction and ultimately by holding onto anger, the only person who ends up suffering the most, is me! Because the person we’re mad at is likely walking around, getting on with life, not even realising that we are still pissed at them and so why should we continue to suffer when we could just acknowledge our feelings, do our best forgive the actions of others that have caused us upset and do our upmost to move on.


This is all great in theory yes, but not always easy for someone who for so long didn’t know how to let things go. There is something within me that really does struggle to let go of things that have caused me pain and I think thats because I can be incredibly sensitive to feelings of hurt. Sometimes I wish I wouldn’t get so hurt by certain things but I also believe that we should embrace who we are and use what we believe to be weaknesses as our strengths. I have learnt that being sensitive and hurting “easily” helps to allow myself to empathise with others when they are hurting, which in turn helps me to help them.


For me, I can be getting on with things and then all of a sudden a past situation will pop into my head and I find it irritating because I don’t want to hold onto things that make me feel sad but I also can’t force myself to heal any quicker than the pace that naturally works for me. All I can do is affirm that I forgive them, affirm that I choose to let this situation go and also ask my angels to help me heal from this and then I need to have faith that in time I will heal  once and for all let go and truly forgive.

I do believe time helps to heal a situation, sometimes I look back on things that once bought up feelings of anger or upset and I realise I no longer feel that way and have instead embraced it as part of my story. It’s about using challenging situations to learn and grow from rather then letting it dictate our happiness. 


Maybe you can relate to this too and if so I hope you can forgive for your sake.

Sending you love and light,

Daniella x




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