It’s Nice To Be Nice

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Today’s message is about reaching out to someone when they’re in your thoughts. Do you ever have that feeling that you should reach out to a friend, a family member or maybe just an equatence. Maybe you know they’ve been struggling for whatever reason or maybe you just have this feeling that you should simply drop them a line to see how they’re doing. Well, I believe that this is our instincts at work and like I urge myself to take action when this feeling emerges, I urge you to do the same and that is to listen to your inner guidance system and make the phone call, send the text, email or whatever form of contact you have with them.


Don’t feel embarrassed or worry that you’re bothering them because I believe It’s always nice to know someone is thinking about you and let’s face it, it’s nice to be nice! They might of been having a bad day and your text could be the upliftment they needed or maybe that phone call could lead to something more then you could have imagined and you look back with gratitude that you made the choice to make contact. Or maybe you get nothing in return but that’s okay too because I believe in some way it would have been beneficial to that person. Following your instincts will never lead you astray. If it comes from a place of good, love or care then trust it.


Sending you love, light and the courage to trust your intuition this day and every day.

Daniella x






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