Style Story: The Slip & The Snake




So it’s been a hot minute since I last posted….anything!! But it’s been a busy month and well, I decided to take an impromptu break for Easter. It was probably the warmest weekend we’ve had this year and we decided to make the most of it.

Conan had a few days off work and last Thursday we took a trip with my mum and nephews to the donkey sanctuary, which the boys loved, though it was almost a complete disaster come the end of the day! Just as we were beginning our drive home, I went to check my instagram and realised my phone wasn’t in my bag! Obviously I went into panic search mode, Conan pulled over to discover that I had indeed lost my phone…. Thanks to the find a friend app, Conan and a sweet little girl, my phone made it safely back into my Chanel bag and homeward bound we were. Yes, thankfully a little girl had found it and handed it into lost and found. That’s what I call some good karma. Put kindness out into the world and it will be returned ten fold.

The long Easter weekend continued with an overpriced meal at Bills (don’t you find Bill’s overpriced? It’s nice and all and I love the atmosphere they create and the food is good but the bill at Bill’s always surprises me) with the family on the Friday and then a barbecue at Nan and granddads on the Saturday. Come Easter Sunday we spent the day out in the sun, enjoying the weather, eating chocolate and then finished off with the new Mary Poppins movie. Which took us four hours to watch because we had to pause it every time Nova-Rose kicked off, babies are just so inconsiderate! Na, bless her she’s teething already and so she’s crying out with that a lot right now. My feelings on Mary poppins was mixed though, I thought is was visually beautiful but I felt the storyline was a little flat. But maybe that’s me just be a boring adult!

Anyway  I don’t know when this blog post turned into a journal entry but hey ho that’s my little life update. Probably completely boring for you, kinda like looking at someone elses vacation photos! Snorr.


These outfit photos was taken wayyy before the warm weekend. The slip skirt continues to be my must have and this one from Vince that I bought back in 2017 is still my favourite. For the colder days of spring, I love wearing my slip skirts with over the knee boots. Well, have a wonderful weekend my lovelies.

Sending you love and light,

Daniella x






& Other Stories Knit

(old) Vince Skirt

(old) Snake print Boots

Chanel Bag




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