Purple Portions: Style & Symbolism




For years I was never that big on purple, I could appreciate it but it wasn’t a colour I was particularly fond on wearing. But then about five years ago I remember seeing this coat on The Outnet and just feeling incredibly drawn to it and that was the beginning of the very slow and steady introduction of the colour purple into my wardrobe.

I am someone who is very much into symbolism and so i’ve been looking into the spiritual colour meaning of purple and from what I have its got a strong connection to royalty and wealth. It’s also connected to psychic abilities and the third eye, which makes sense because when I think of purple hued crystals a lot of them are connected to the third eye chakra which is of course connected to psychic and intuitive abilities.


Purple is connected to creativity, imagination and is said to bring calmness to a busy mind, which makes sense when you think of lavender and again purple crystals and they’re connections with aiding sleep. Purple people are said to be kind, compassionate and often take leadership roles. I’m still a fan of a much more minimal pallet, my colour is undoubtedly white but I love this burst of rich colour every now and again and discovering the symbolism behind this magical colour has only seduced me more and in the future I will certainly take this colour into stylistic consideration.



I hope you like today’s look, let me know what you think about this colour. Sending you love and light this Monday.

Daniella x





My Outfit:

(old) Marni Coat

(old) & Other Stories Knitwear – similar Here

(old) All Saints Trousers – love these HERE

Topshop Boots


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