Mental Health & Accepting Who You Are




I’ve recently been thinking about happiness and how for some people that’s an emotion that they don’t often feel. I wonder how much of happiness is connected to contentment. I also wonder if we don’t accept our minds, who we are and the way we are, will we ever be content and if we aren’t content will we ever truly find happiness. I find it hard when I see people struggling to feel happy, struggling to find their place in the world, struggling to feel that sense of peace and always having to just get through, to simply survive in this world rather then thrive. But it’s a harsh reality that so many have to face and battle with. Mental health issues can effect everyone and they are often missed because so often the ones suffering the most are the ones walking around with the biggest facade. It’s hard to give advice when I don’t know what it’s truly like to live this way, I can empathise but that’s it.


What I would say though, is for those suffering with anxiety and going through what feels like mental torture, I feel that we should all be more accepting of our minds, accepting of our thoughts, feelings and our uniqueness. Accept that there will be days where we feel down and for some people that might mean weeks or maybe even longer and instead of punishing ourselves for feeling low to instead try going with it and acknowledge that’s the way our weird and wonderful mind works. Because in doing this we can change the endless cycle of feeling of low which turns to guilt which turns to self sabotage which leads to feeling even lower.


I truly send so much love and light to those feeling darkness in their life right now. Don’t be afraid to ask for help and do learn to accept your mind because it’s special and unique to you and you like us all have a place in this world whether you realise it or not.

Daniella x






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