Double Denim: The New/Old Modern-Classic





It’s funny how for years and years double denim was considered a big no no by almost everyone and then a few years ago it came back with a force and no one has looked back on its revival since. I think it would be fair to say it’s now a go-to combination for many and I would even say a modern-classic.

I wonder if it’s because trends used to really drive fashion that double denim became obsolete once the designers and magazine editors had moved on. Whereas now thanks to street style and people’s personal outfits being shared from pretty much every corner of the planet on social media and through blogging that individual style now dominates, allowing the admiration for certain style combinations not to diminish and fade so quickly, making way for modern classics such as the ever popular combo, double denim.


This is not to suggest that trends no longer exist or that fast fashion doesn’t come and go quicker then ever before because that’s undoubtedly more and more evident in the fashion culture today! But there is something to be said about the influence of the accessibility to personal style as a collective and how I belive we now live an era of pretty much anything goes and oh how I love that.


Double denim, a modern classic? Tell me  your thoughts. Sending love and light,

Daniella x






Levis Denim Jacket – love this HERE

Marks & Spencer Jumper

(old) Topshop Jeans – love these HERE

Vagabond Boots – similar HERE

(old) Gucci sunglasses


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