Finding Your Freedom



I read a quote today and here it is “ You will know when you are completely done with something when you give it up and feel freedom instead of loss”. We can have a tendency to hold onto things that no longer serve us and our higher good. This can be relationships, jobs, houses, cars, possessions of all kinds and it can even be certain personality traits.


For instance maybe we have a tendency to worry because that gives us a sense of control and that brings comfort to our daily lives. But what if you chose to let go of that trait to over-worry and instead just trust in the ebb and flow of life, I mean how much lighter and free would you then feel?!


Maybe you hold onto a relationship that is toxic to your wellbeing or maybe you just find that you no longer have much common with one another but because of the nostalgia of what once was, you hold onto it. Its okay to romanticise the past, to appreciate the fond memories but that doesn’t mean we should live in the past in an attempt to justify holding on to our present.


We often fear letting things go because it’s entering the unknown and for a lot of us that can be scary. Sometimes we know why it’s scary to us, we may of experienced a time in our life where we lost something and that resulted in what we perceived to be negative consequences and so that subconsciously taught us to fear the possibility of change and letting things go. Or maybe we don’t don’t know or understand why we fear such things, all we know is that we do.


Today I remind and encourage myself and anyone reading this the power of letting something go. Let the feeling of freedom wash over you and then take a minute to be proud of yourself for showing such strength even though you felt fear.


For todays style post, we shot in this beautiful location and on a truly stunning day. I loved the vast space and the incredible view of nothing but land for miles.

Sending you love and light,

Daniella xx




Daniella x




& Other Stories Knit

(old) Acne Studios Jeans

(old) Western Boots


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