Monday’s Mood: Things I’m Grateful For



Though I’ve always considered myself a positive person and have always tried to focus on what I do have rather then what I don’t, in the last year or so I have really become aware of the attitude of gratitude. I try to wake up every day and take a minute to express how grateful I am for all the wonderful things I am blessed with. It can be easy to take the small things for granted and small blessings can be easily missed. But the more we practice expressing and taking notice of each and every abundance we have, then the more we create. If we become too engrossed by what we don’t yet have, then we’re missing out on feeling the joy in what we do.


So today I thought I’d express what I’m grateful for and I hope it will inspire you to do the same. When we stop to take notice of all that we have, we feel happy and that lights us up and then we spread that lightness and joy to whoever we are around and encounter.


A few Things I’m grateful for:

My loved ones, I know how lucky I am to have such a close relationship to my family and to have met my soul mate to whom I have the most beautiful daughter with.


I’m grateful for my dogs, they really are mans/women’s best friend. They are always there to cuddle with and talk to and that might sound crazy to some but if you’re a dog person, I know you get where I’m coming from.


Im grateful for this blog and for having a space to express my creativity and I’m grateful that I have many different interests and passions in life. Some people don’t seem to have any real interests and I can’t imagine how unfulfilling that must be.


Though I have suffered with M.E (Epstein-Barr) since the age of eleven, I am aware that so many more people suffer so much worse. I am grateful for what having ME has taught me, it has taught me patience and  perseverance. It has shown me how strong I can be mentally and emotionally. It has sent me down a path of spiritual enlightenment and an interest in healing naturally, hence my love for learning about crystals and their healing properties. 


Today I ask you to think of a few things that you’re grateful for and please feel free to share them with me on this post. I hope you like todays outfit too and I wish you a wondefully abundant week ahead.

Sending you love and light,

Daniella x






My Outfit:

& Other Stories Coat

Le Specs Sunglasses – similar Here

(old) Ralph Lauren shirt – Here

(old) Jeans

Vagabond boots – Love these Here



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