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I found this this quote on Pinterest the other day and I wanted to share it with you. It takes great strength to remain calm, patient, compassionate and understanding when faced with a stressful situation that includes children. I don’t like the word tantrum too much because I find it has somewhat negative connotations that can be a little misleading to what I believe is happening. Yes, children may “throw their toys out the pram” so to speak if they don’t get their own way but that’s not to suggest that they aren’t genuinely having feelings of distress or upset.


There’s no doubt it can be a little infuriating and time consuming having to deal with “tantrums”  which are usually over something that seems so minor to us but maybe we should try and see it from their perspective and even if we can’t do that then maybe we can simply appreciate that they are feeling upset. As adults we know what it feels like to be upset and during those moments we all can admit that to be given a hug, to be shown love, compassion and understanding is a comfort that we seek. Even if we know in ourselves that we are feeling emotional and we know that when our emotions are high, rationality isn’t always on our side. This applies to children too and much more so.


Sending you love and light,

Daniella x

image via Pinterest



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