Style Story: The Last Day’s Of Winter




Happy Monday!

Today I’m sharing a look that features this & Other Stories knit which I received at Christmas! I had been saving it until after I had given birth to Nova-Rose to wear it and then a couple of weeks back, I finally did. I am actually rather happy with how these photos had turned out because even though I was happy with the outfit, during the photo shoot, my eye wouldn’t stop leaking and it was so bloody irritating but thankfully it didn’t effect the photos like I thought it might.


The Mood Of todays shoot: An androgynous take on the last days of winter, in a statement knit and mensy trousers amidst the bare branches and the gloomy backdrop.

Style Tip: if you want to maintain your femininity when styling an androgynous look, then try and add definition to your figure where you can, like I have here by opting for a belt to clinch my waist.

I hope you like todays look. Have a great start to your week!

Sending you love and light,

Daniella x



& Other Stories Knit

(old) All Saints trousers

(old) Selected Femme Boots



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