Why Asking For Help Is An Act Of Self Care



There are are some people in life that find it very easy to ask for help and then there are some who struggle. I’m more prone to the latter but am trying to change that and become more comfortable with reaching out and asking for help when I need it. It’s hard to say what makes us not want to ask for help. Is it that we don’t like to admit we’re struggling, is that we like to challenge ourselves to see if we can overcome whatever we are faced with on our own without anyone’s assistance! Do we simply not want to disrupt anyone’s else day with our problems or maybe we don’t see ourselves worthy of receiving help and knowing that other people out there are suffering and so why should we be so lucky to receive help, when others are not so fortunate!


Maybe you resognate with all these examples or maybe just one or maybe none at all! Now that I’m a mum and with having Epstein-Barr (ME) also I’m having to learn more and more that it’s okay to ask for help from my nearest and dearest because I’m very fortunate to be in a position of having a strong support system around me. If we have people around us and if they are happy to help then why deprive ourselves?! Because at the end of the day if we can lighten the load by accepting or asking for help then in return we can become better mums, dads, brothers, daughters, sisters and partners. It’s called self care, self love and self worth. It also helps us to be better and more considerate of lending our help to others because we are aware of how helpful it was to us that we can then extend that same compassion to others.

I hope you feel worthy enough to ask for help if you’re in need because you should. Remember We are all worthy of living a life of fullness.

I hope you like todays look.

Also to all the amazing women out there, Happy international Women’s Day! May we continue to inspire ourselves, our daughters, our nieces, our sisters, mothers and our friends to shine our unique light and vision into this world without fear of judgment. May continue to support and uplift each another and use our divine feminine in a way that strengthens ourselves and others.


Sending you love and light,

Daniella x


affirmation: “ I am worthy of receiving help, it is safe for me to receive help, I am excepting of help and I am grateful for the help, and so it is” 

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