Crystals & Tips For A Mercury Retrograde

As we now enter the first mercury retrograde of 2019 I thought I’d share what crystals I’ll be arming myself with over the coming weeks. Mercury retrograde typically effects Travel, electronics and communication. This doesn’t mean don’t leave the house, don’t open your mouth or hide away your phone for the next few weeks, though that’s what the drama queen in me wants to do! Instead try remembering these tips listed below:


  • DO try to give yourself extra time to get to places because with mercury in retrograde it wouldn’t be surprising if you ran into some unexpected traffic delays.


  • DO be wary of buying any electrical objects and if you can, hold of until after the mercury retrograde.


  • DO try to be extra cautious of your words. I’m not saying not to be truthful or authentic but I am saying be extra aware of your delivery when speaking your mind. Words can very easily be taken the wrong way if delivered without consideration at this time of retrograde.


  • DO give your emails, texts etc. The twice over because with electronics and communication being troublesome at this time, it’s just better to be safe then sorry!




Crystals I Like To Use During A Mercury Retrograde


  • Aquamarine: helps not only with communication because of its connection to the throat chakra but is a regarded as one of the best crystals for safe travel. So this doubles up as a must-have mercury retrograde crystal.


  • Fluorite: another crystal I like to carry with me and work with during the pesky retrograde. Fluorite works well for mental clarity, cleanses and keeps negativity at bay. Which if we are faced with any testing situations that arise during mercury retrograde, then these quality’s Of fluorite will be both helpful and healing. It’s also regarded as a lucky stone and though luck is always a nice thing to have on ones side, an extra boost of it for the next few weeks will be muchly appreciated!


  • Rose Quartz: now I know It must seem as though I can’t get enough of Rose Quartz and the truth is, I can’t! This is why it’s one of my favourite crystals because it’s so relevant to so many situations. It might not be a crystal typically associated with mercury retrograde but I think it’s a good one to keep near because of its connection to the heart chakra and it’s loving and gentle energy. To act from a place of love and calm during a retrograde isn’t always easy and so working with Rose Quartz will hopefully give us the assistance we need in this area.

As I’ve said before I’m no crystal expert and I’m just sharing what I belive works, hoping it will help others too.


Sending you love and  light,

Daniella x


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