Post Pregnancy: The Simplistic Approach




Since giving birth to our beautiful Nova- Rose, I have loved getting back into my clothes and enjoying the process of picking outfits once again. Though I don’t have as much free time to do this, it’s just nice to actually have options again rather then just wearing what fits and feels comfortable. Though admittedly in these first few weeks, comfort has still been key and i’ve only just started wearing jeans once again! They are too uncomfortable when you’re recovering from giving birth. This was the first outfit we shot and this time I kept it simple with just a classic soft cashmere knit, a pair of black trousers and my new, New Balance Dad style sneakers. Casual, comfortable and yet still stylish, and in my eyes a perfect combination for a post pregnancy look.

In case you missed it, don’t forget to check out my “3 Crystals To Use For Pregnancy” post, Here. I may no longer be pregnant but I still like to share my tips on what I found helpful and healing through my pregnancy.


Sending you love, light and simplicity this Monday,

Daniella xx





Marks & spencer Cashmere Knit

(old) Black Trousers

New Balance Sneakers – HERE


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