3 Crystals To Use Through Pregnancy





Though I am no longer pregnant, I thought that doesn’t stop me from sharing what I found to be helpful when I was pregnant. As you may know I love working with crystals and today I wanted to share with you 3 of my favourite crystals that I worked with during my pregnancy.


Lets get straight to it! First I’ll start with Rose Quartz, a crystal I’m sure you’re familiar with one way or another. Though I work with this crystal a lot anyway, pregnant or not, I particularly felt drawn to this crystal throughout my pregnancy because of the gentle and loving frequency it gives out. I would place it on my body every morning whilst having my first tea of the day and I would connect with its loving energy. When pregnant, I believe it’s important to keep as calm as possible, to stay in a place of love and tranquility as much as one can. But in reality that’s often easier said then done! I feel that Rose Quartz encourages that calm loving energy, helping us to act from a place of love and compassion, something we will need in abundance when it comes to becoming parents to our children.


It’s also wonderful for relationships and so it can be handy to keep a piece in your bedroom to help keep romance and loving communication in you and your partners relationship. Though pregnancy is a wonderful experience in many ways, it can of course come with its stresses and strains which can have a direct effect on our relationships, working with Rose Quartz may just help prevent or bring healing to these situations.




Another great crystal that I particularly found myself drawn to was rainbow moonstone. I’ve always preferred rainbow moonstone to just moonstone because it’s energy a little lighter. Moonstone can carry quite a strong introspective energy I feel, so the rainbow variety currently works better with me. Anyway rainbow moonstone is connected to the divine feminine energy and is A great crystal for maternal energy. It is also known for helping stabilise emotions and so there for is a great for hormones during pregnancy. It can help you release old hurtful situations and help you with new beginnings. Because rainbow moonstone can heighten ones psychic ability’s because of its connection to the third eye and crown chakra, this works wonderfully during pregnancy for helping enhance intuition and though I believe all expectant mothers have heightened intuition at this time, to have that extra boost can’t hurt.


 In the first few months of pregnancy I suffered with terrible headaches, quite possibly the worst I’ve ever experienced and they were almost every day. I’ve always liked working with amethyst when a headache attacks. I can’t say this completely cured the headaches but it did help and especially so when I bought myself a amethyst bracelet. Amethyst is also a wonderfully protective stone and especially on a psychic level. Amethyst can also help boost the immune system which is also helpful during pregnancy, there’s enough pains going on through pregnancy and the last thing you need on top of that is a stinking cold! It’s also said to help with addictions and so if you are a smoker and wanting to give up for your pregnancy then try keeping a piece on you.


Though there are many crystals that will help you through pregnancy, these are just 3 crystals that I personally found to be great through the most amazing and potentially the most challenging 10 months of our lives.

Sending you love and light,

Daniella x



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