The Practice Of Patience



Happy Monday! I hope you all had a lovely weekend. Was the weather where you are just as weirdly and unseasonably beautiful  this past weekend? Today I wanted to talk about patience, it’s something I often pray for, whether it’s patience with people or to have patience with certain situations but there then there are also times where I have to ask to have patience with myself!

Since having our daughter I’ve had to tell myself to not allow feelings of self doubt to overwhelm me. I want my life to carry on as normal as possible, with my daughter being a wonderfully positive addition but of course it’s going to take time, adjustments and some trial and error to get back on track to a place where I feel a little more settled and content. I’m someone in where no one can put more pressure on me then me and because of this,  I can also act out of guilt sometimes and though In recent years I’ve come to recognise this and have been working on healing this aspect of myself, I can still at times revert back during times of upheaval and change.

 I devote a lot of time to my nephews but since having Nova-Rose between trying to recover from giving birth and now having my own baby to care for, it’s not been as easy to give them the same time that I used to. Then there’s my upkeep of this blog, though very much a hobby, it’s still something I enjoy devototing a fair amount of my time to.


Then there’s making time for mine and my partners relationship, time to give some attention to our doggo and of course some time for myself, something I have come learn is very important for my mental and emotional wellbeing! Not to mention general maintenance and upkeep of our home. It can  start to feel very overwhelming because it’s all a little out of sync and different. But I’m lucky that I have a great support system around me and ultimately I know that it’s about balance, moderation and of course having patience with myself as well as not being too hard on myself when I feel like I’m failing. Because sometimes we can put unreasonable expectations on ourselves when really we should simply be present in the moment, not worrying about we haven’t achieved and instead focus on what we have achieved.


We need to be patient with ourselves, safe in the knowledge that we are doing our best whilst also letting go of harsh judgment on oneself. Because if we judge ourselves too harshly too often we can start to project that onto others and start to believe that they are judging us in a negative manner, which may lead to low self esteem, defensiveness and other feelings of a negative nature.


So today I hope that you are being patient with yourself and remembering to just be present in the now. Don’t put yourself under crazy pressure or give yourself an unattainable amount of tasks that will only leave you feeling deflated if you can’t achieve them all. But do give yourself the credit I know you deserve for doing what you can, where you can, when you can.


Wishing you a wonderful start to your week and sending you much love and light,

Daniella x



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