Introducing Nova-Rose



If you follow me on Instagram you’ll know by now that a couple of weeks ago I gave birth to our beautiful daughter, in fact and to be precise I gave birth to her on the 02/02/19. If you don’t follow me on Instagram, well, then meet our beautiful little Nova-Rose.


My due date was the 24th of January but I was overdue and was very close to needing to be induced but thankfully I didn’t have to go through that and after two sweeps she thankfully came along. The whole experience is surreal and when expecting a baby I don’t think anything can truly prepare one for what the birthing experience is going to be like. I mean for me, throughout my pregnancy it was best not to think about giving birth, I just always thought I would deal with it when the time comes. Weirdly I found the contractions more painful then the giving birth. But apparently it’s not so weird as many other woman have said the same thing.


I was due to have a water birth but due to the midwives worried about me potentially have pre-eclampsia right at the last minute, that didn’t go ahead. Thankfully I didn’t have pre-eclampsia and I was fine and little Nova-Rose was just perfect. I managed to get through it with taking paracetamol and then the last twenty minutes I got on the Gas and Air. I highly recommend the Gas and air, it not only took the edge off the pain but it helped me to relax a little more, which I believe helped to speed up the process. But obviously i’m not in a position to give out medical advice, this is just a reflection of what worked for me.



I sometimes still can’t believe she is here. She is so small and so helpless and I am just so excited for this chapter of our lives. I am honestly so grateful and so blessed to have this beautiful little angel come into our life. I can’t wait to see what she has to teach me and what I have to teach her. This is the beginning of a very special journey and all I know is that I want to be present in each and every moment of it.

Hopefully i’ll be back on Wednesday with an outfit post!

Sending you love and light,

Daniella x




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