3 Unique Ways To Decorate Your Valentines Gifts


Something you probably don’t know about me is that I really enjoy gift giving and as much as I love the gift giving, I also love the process of wrapping the gift and putting time, effort and a little creativity into the presentation of the gift. It’s just something over the years I have come to enjoy more and more. Though it’s usually a practice that’s mostly reserved for Christmas time and the occasional birthday, I thought this year I’d take what I enjoy doing and explore that a little more.

As much as I like beautiful wrapping paper, I have to say that I especially like finding/creating unique present toppers. I think it’s because with gift wrap as pretty as it is, most of the time it gets torn up, whereas present toppers can often be kept and the receiver of the gift could even reuse it if they wish or just have it as a sweet keepsake.


Anyway, today’s post is focused on Valentines Day, the day of love. Whether you are gift giving to your romantic love, your bestie or whoever you want to celebrate this day of love with, then contemplate giving your gift some special treatment with these elevated present toppers and gift wrap ideas.



Blank 5 x 7 in



Here I took an old wicker heart ( HERE) that always hung on my door and applied this red tissue around the edges, simply following the line of the heart. I just used some glue to do this. I then added these artificial roses ( HERE) in the center and finished off with a red ribbon. I chose just plain white craft paper as I loved the strong yet simplistic contrast this created.


Here I started with red tissue paper and then used some of the left over white paper through the middle to create a layered effect. I completed the layers with some silver wired ribbon, I like it when ribbon is wired as it makes it easier to manipulate into shape. For my final touch I glued glitter onto theses plain wooden hearts (HERE) as well as leaving some plain and then just played around with them. I layered some of the smaller ones on top of the bigger ones and then placed them randomly.


For my final gift I opted for silver craft paper and again used some of the leftover white paper to create a strip through the middle. I ordered these sweet slate hearts ( HERE) for a more rustic take on valentines. I took the heart and continued to make use of the wooden hearts by glueing it to the slate one. To give it an extra special touch I added this cute love botanical sticker (HERE) on top. I thought instead of a conventional label I opted for these sweet little glass bottles ( HERE) with a sweet note inside. This is such a cute alternative and once again makes a lovely keepsake for the receiver of the gift.




I hope you’ve enjoyed today’s post.

Sending you love and light,

Daniella x



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