A Classic Approach To Styling Power Prints




I bought this dress what feels like a lifetime ago now and have literally only worn it this one time back in December. I had loved it for ages and I managed to score a good deal on it but the timing wasn’t great due to being pregnant. But thankfully I did get a wear out of it and now I can look forward to styling it for the spring! I know you’re probably sick of the site of this dress as it’s undoubtedly been seen as an “it piece” and has been all over Instagram but hopefully I can style it in a way that will breath a little new life into this dress going forward into the spring.

For this look though, I was obviously a bit constricted to how I could wear it and so I stuck to classics. If you’re ever feeling unsure on how to style a statement piece such as this one, remember that classics are the friends that never let you down. I can’t believe it’s Friday already, it’s almost been a week since I gave birth to my beautiful daughter! I’ll put together a post on that life changing event very soon.


Wishing a wonderful weekend and sending you love and light, Daniella x



(old) Jacket

Topshop Dress

(old) Mango Boots


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