Know Your Strength: The Healing Process




When someone walks back into your life that has not been around in a long time it can be an emotionally testing time. Though we are completely in charge of whether we allow them in or not it doesn’t take away from the fact that the situation has potential to bring past feelings to the forefront of ones mind. I believe time is a great healer and a wonderful opportunity to grow and gain perspective. Even If you are dedicated to healing from a painful situation such as having an abusive person in your life then having them reappear can be traumatic but if you’re ready it can also work as a great opportunity to see just how far you’ve come on a mental and emotional level in coping with that situation. Obviously each story is different and I definitely wouldn’t advise anyone putting themselves in harms way.


For me, I’ve recently been tested in this and though I’ve found it all to be a rather strange and confusing time, I have also found out that I’m so much stronger then I once was. I used to fear this person, belive that my voice was inferior to theirs, seek their approval, allow myself to get drawn into their warped version of reality and dim my light so that they felt better about their self. I guess I would enable narcissistic and egotistical behaviour because of fear and not knowing my own strength.


We can all become victims to our circumstances, our past history, our struggles or we can choose a different path! The process of learning, healing, growing and eventually becoming stronger from our pain can be a long journey but nevertheless one that can bring you to a place of self acceptance, self love and weirdly a sense of gratitude for the experience of that pain. I believe this is true because it allows you to get to a place of seeing your true worth, it made you stronger in ways you never thought you were and shown you your light that was turned off for too long.


This is how I choose to look back on certain situations in my life and though it’s been a long time in the making and to be honest every day is a still a working and healing progress, piece by piece I’m really seeing who I am, trusting what I think, what I feel and giving myself the love that I deserve and that I’m worthy of. It’s a shame that some of us have to recover and put ourselves back together as a result of others actions but that’s life and we can either turn the situation around by taking back our power or we can fall victim.


Maybe you’re there too, maybe you are the beginning of your journey, maybe you are still feeling stuck in a situation that isn’t good for you or someone isn’t good for you. Whatever place you are at right now, I hope you know you have the strength to overcome anything. Also please know that when you recognise your own strength, light and beauty, you will unknowingly be inspiring others to do the same and that my lovelies is a form of light working. Step into you light with faith and trust and create your future with confidence.


Sending you love, light and healing,

Daniella x




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